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Mechanics Instruments

From the day of commencement, we are engaged in catering to the variegated requirements of the customers by bringing forth a comprehensive Mechanics Instruments. Our entire range of products offered by us is dedicatedly manufactured in strict compliance with the latest technological advancements in the industry to ensure optimum quality in the end product. Our product range encompasses Meter Scale, Tubular Spring Scales, Force Table, Pully Single With Three-Way Attachment and several more. 

Our organization offers a quality range of Bar Breaking Apparatus to our valuable clients. The offered range of products is threaded at one end for large tensioning nut. These products also has hole at other end in order to accommodate a cast iron breaking bar and is supplied with 6 breaking bars. Besides, our bar breaking apparatus is is also available according to the clients demands.


Listed are the feature:


  • Low maintenance

  • High strength

  • Compact design

  • Resistance to corrosion

With the help of our sophisticated in-house facilities, we have been able to offer an array of Cubes Of Six Metals Sets. The offered range is manufactured using high quality raw material at our well developed capacious infrastructure unit. Our professionals creatively design this range while keeping in mind the varied requirements of our esteemed customers. Available in different sizes, our products can also be customized as per the patrons need. 


Cube Side





Cat. No.






In order to cater to the vast market demands, we are engaged in offering Pully Single With Three-Way Attachment. Ideal for clamping to vertical or horizontal rods and to laboratory tables and boards, our range comprised a specially designed cast bracket that can be clamped on flat surface of 38 mm thick and hold a supporting rod 13mm diameter.


Other details:


  • At the rear of the bracket, a light alloy pulley about 70mm diameter is mounted on brass bearings

  • Includes two clamping screws for fitting to bench and vertical rod support

  • Hammer tone stove enamel finish

We are a leading name in this domain engaged in offering our prestigious patrons Force Table. Our range is provided with four weight hangers of 50g each and four sets of brass slotted weights. Each set consists of the masses 2 x 10g, 2 x 20g, 4 x 50g, 4 x 100g, our products are highly acclaimed by our prestigious clients.


Other details:


  • Can also be turned into a teaching spectrometer using appropriate collimator assembly, telescope and a support for prism and grating

  • Comprised of an accurately machined aluminum table 40 cm in diameter graduated in 360° on its rim 

Item Code: 3410-03

Useful where a known force must be exact as in experiments on force table, moments, and sonometer. Made from brass. Each mass is stamped with its value. Provided with side supports and nuts for easy assembly. Set of 3 masses: 10g, 50g, and


Set of 8 masses: 10g, 20g (2), 50g,100g, 200g (2), 500g

Set of 11 masses: 1g, 2g (2), 10g, 20g (2), 50g, 100g, 200g (2), 500g

For slotted masses on rack and 50g hanger. Made of brass with standard slots as supplied on racks.

Mass Cat. No.
1g 3412-01
2g 3412-02
5g 3412-03
10g 3412-04
20g 3412-05
50g 3412-06
100g 3412-07
200g 3412-08
500g 3412-09
Made of plated brass.

Masses Cat. No.
1g 3422-01
2g 3422-02
5g 3422-03
10g 3422-04
20g 3422-05
50g 3422-07
100g 3422-08

Item Code: 3431-00

For inside, outside, step and depth measurement.

Has metric scale to 15cm in 1mm steps and the 10 part vernier reads to 0.1mm least count. English scale is graduated to 6in in 1/16in divisions and the 8 part vernier reads to 1/128in least count. Verniers are adjustable and can be trued, if desired. Automatic cam locking device allows fine adjustment along the main scale. Made of plated steel and packed in plastic case.
For measurement of small outside diameter, thickness etc. Ideal for engineering and technical schools to teach the working of this instrument. Consists of a frame of solid brass body with a chrome satin finish and a hardened steel screw. Provided with a ratchet and a locknut for accurate readings. Zero adjustment is possible. Pitch of the screw is 0.5mm and the least count is 0.01mm. Micrometers with English scale has pitch of 0.05in and the least count of 0.001in. Packed in a plastic case.

Measuring range Cat. No.
0-25mm 3436-01
0-25mm (in wooden box) 3436-02
0-1in 3436-03
0-1in (in wooden box) 3436-04

Item Code: 3447-00

For demonstrating that capillary rise is dependent upon the inner diameter of a tube. Proves that the molecules of a liquid are more attracted to glass than to other liquid molecules. Consists of four glass capillary tubes of different inner diameters with a large tube serving as reservoir. Mounted on a stand. Height of the tubes is about 15cm.

Item Code: 3473-00

To familiarize the pupils with density, hardness, appearance and texture of common materials. The kit compromises of the following different materials in various sizes.

Two each of
Brass 20 x 20 x 50mm
Perspex, glass, slate, aluminum, softwood and marble 20x20x100mm
Iron 40 x 40 x 20mm
Softwood, hardwood, paraffi n wax, aluminum, iron and foamed
polystyrene 50 x 40 x 30mm
Aluminum 50 x 50 x 80mm
Hardwood 50 x 50 x 200mm
Lead 50 x 50 x 20mm

Item Code: 3478-00

For measuring inertial masses and qualitatively understanding the terms, mass and weight. This principle can be used to determine mass under weightless conditions in space flights. The apparatus consist of two aluminium trays joined together by a pair of spring steel strips attached to their sides. Trays are about 200mm apart. One of the trays (the oscillating tray) is drilled to hold three equal cylindrical masses and the other tray acting as an anchorage is clamped by a C-clamp to a bench. Supplied with three masses and a cord (does not include a C-clamp).

Item Code: 8211-11

This sturdy carriage has a one piece, high-impact plastic body. The machined aluminum wheels and axles are mounted on hardened steel cone bearings for minimum friction and long life.

Item Code: 3481-00

For determination of the coefficient of kinematic and static friction, mechanical advantage and efficiency of an inclined plane etc. Comprised of a hardwood inclined plane (l x w), 600 x 100mm fitted with a pulley of diameter 22mm at the free end. It is hinged to a horizontal polished wooden base (I x w), 450 x 100mm, which is fitted with an aluminium arc graduated both vertically and angularly. The inclined plane can be fixed at any angle up to 45º or at a suitable height with a clamping wing nut. Supplied with a cylindrical plated metal roller, two wooden blocks (I x w), 200 x 75mm and 100 x 75mm, a scale pan diameter 75mm, cord and hook.
Includes one cube each of aluminium, brass, copper, iron, lead, and zinc without hook. Packed in a cardboard box.

Cube Side 10mm 20mm 25mm 32mm
Cat. No. 3510-01 3510-02 3510-03 3510-04
For showing that specific gravity depends on the nature of the material being tested. These cubes are carefully machined to 32mm on each side. Provided with a brass hook.

Material Cat. No.
Aluminium 3520-01
Brass 3520-02
Iron 3520-03
Lead 3520-04
Copper 3520-05
Zinc 3520-06

Item Code: 3523-02

Cube set includes 20g mass each of aluminum, brass, copper, iron and zinc. Demonstrate inverse relationship between density and volume of equal mass metal cube

Item Code: 3523-00

To prove the inverse relationship between density and length of cylinders of equal mass and diameter. This set consists, of one each of machine turned cylinders of diameter 12.5mm, of equal masses, approx. 50g, of metals aluminium, lead, copper, brass, and zinc having the same diameter. Packed in a cardboard box.
Set of six cylinders of aluminium, brass, copper, iron, lead and zinc. Packed in a cardboard box.

d x h 10 x 30mm 10 x 40mm
Cat. No. 3525-01 3525-02

Item Code: 3530-00

The cylinder measures 75mm long x 25mm diameter with a suspension hook.

Item Code: 3534-00

To demonstrate that a body submerged in water loses weight equal to the volume of water it displaces. Consists of two brass pieces of equal volume. A solid cylinder 60mm long with a suspension hook at one end and a close fitting hollow bucket with a suspension loop at one end and a hook (handle) at the other end. Overall extended length is about 160mm.
For determining the volume of an irregularly shaped body when used in conjunction with a catch bucket. Suitable for density cylinders, sinkers and Archimedes principle devices. Made of Aluminium. The spout is properly angled to accurately measure displaced liquid. Hammer tone finished.

dxh Cat. No.
65 x 120mm 3536-01
125 x 225mm 3536-02

Item Code: 3540-00

For measuring the pressure of gases. Suitable for moderate pressures. Consists of a borosilicate glass U-tube, diameter 25mm and 50cm high, open at both ends. Has one riffled arm for easy connection to rubber tubing. Mounted on a wooden board fixed on a metal stand. A metric scale is fitted between the arms of the tube. It is recommended to use colored water for greater visibility in a lecture hall.
This apparatus gives an excellent visual demonstration of a difficult concept; it shows a qualitative representation of the behavior of a gas as its molecules gain energy. The kinetic theory model also allows the illustration of various aspects of the kinetic theory of gases.

Operating Voltage: 6 to 12V

Dimension: 190 x 190 x 530mm

Item Code: 3548-51

Has a dual scale of 640-810mm and 25-32 inches with least count of 0.05mm and 0.002 inches respectively. It is suitable for altitudes upto 600 m. The mercury cistern has a adjusting screw and flucial setting point. Supplied w/o mercury

Item Code: 3550-00

For demonstrating that heavy or light objects fall at the same rate in a vacuum. Made of a transparent tube (d x h),100cm x 37mm, with rubber end caps, one of which has a nozzle and stopcock for connecting to a vacuum pump (not included). Provided with a simulated coin and a feather.

Item Code: 3550-35

A heavy cast iron frame with slotted end pillar to carry a thick steel bar. This bar is threaded at one end for large tensioning nut. I also has hole at other end to accommodate a cast iron breaking bar. Supplied with 6 breaking bars.

Item Code: 3558-00

To show that a body launched horizontally will fall vertically at the same rate as a similar freely falling body. Consists of a push button activated spring-loaded launcher with holes for two steel balls 19mm diameter acting as projectiles. Mounted on a wooden block (I x w x h),180 x 60 X 30mm. Designed to project one ball forward and the other to fall freely.

Item Code: 3557-00

Consists of spring-loaded metal device and two steel balls.
Demonstrates that a ball released vertically will hit the floor at the same speed of a ball released horizontally.

Item Code: 3560-00

For the dramatic and puzzling visualization of the effect of change of centre of gravity of an object. Consists of a pair of wooden double ended cones, a wooden diverging bar 0 to 10cm wide, serving as an inclined plane. When the double cone is set on the bars of the inclined plane the cone appears to roll up  the plane violating the law of gravity. This is possible because the axis of the cone is actually moving downward due to a widening of the track.

Item Code: 3563-00

These solids demonstrate the relationships between volume, size and shape. This set contains 10 pieces which are made of wood.

Item Code: 3569-13

This unit demonstrates the principle of operation of the Wankel engine with its circulating piston.
It is cutaway to show the internal construction details. Mounted on a base.

Same as above but with chain drive from crank shaft for cam operated inlet and exhaust valve.
Locomotive design showing cross section of several parts as positioned, clearly visible through air
tight glass front and movement of these parts are smooth enough to demonstrate working even by
blowing, mounted on heavy metal base.

Item Code: 3572-06

To show the conversion of potential energy stored in the twisted bands of rubber into electrical energy.

Item Code: 3572-07

This unit demonstrates the conversion of electrical energy to heat via friction on the outside of a rotating vessel.

Item Code: 3572-08

For use as a water turbine to drive a generator or for use as pump driven by a motor and raising a head of water to produce potential energy. Two inlet tubes (for turbine and pump operation) and one outlet tubule are provided. A shaft is attached to the turbine and drives a 15mm pulley.

Item Code: 3580-01

Lift pump with glass valves un-mounted.

Item Code: 3580-05

Hydraulic press with glass valves un-mounted.

Item Code: 3411-00

Consists of 2 x 5g, 3 x 10g, 3 x 20g, 2 x 50g and 1 Hanger of 50g

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